If you have a spinal cord injury and live near Springfield Missouri, contact us, we may be able to help.

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Assistance Maximizing Benefits

Everyones situation is different. From Medical Insurance, Social Security benefits, Assistive Technology to Accesible Vehicles. Our diverse network of people can help navigate you. There are programs and resources available to fit most needs.

Home Modifications

Contact us to see if you qualify for a modification to help make your environment more accessible..

Peer to Peer Mentoring

Our peers get what you’re going through because they’ve been there too.

Group Meetings

Share ideas and get advice from others. Supporting each other in similar situations. Beyond Mobility – the third Thursday every month. 

Recreational Activities

Coming Soon! Working with our partners and sponsors, we will organize special events and activities for those with Spinal Cord Injuries.

Got Questions?

We are a great source of information on living well with a spinal cord injury.

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Slice Inc.'s priorities are to educate the public about issues related to spinal cord injuries, and to provide funds and other resources to assist the individuals served by Slice Inc. covering the needs and expenses not covered by available resources.

Slice Inc.


Andrew Smith - Director


Andrew Smith is a father of two wonderful daughters.  A motorcycle accident in August 2014 caused a broken neck leaving him paralyzed from the chest down (spinal cord injury/quadriplegic).  Prior to this accident, Andrew was a transportation supervisor and had a commercial driver’s license for 17 years.  He grew up working in his father’s print shop, and because of this he acquired extensive knowledge and skills in the graphics and printing industry becoming a journeyman operator on a wide variety of printing equipment by the age of 19.  After the accident, he did two months of intense rehab, and eight months of outpatient therapy which has helped him adapt to his new way of life. He has relearned how to accomplish many activities of daily living, use the computer, drive a modified vehicle, live independently with a modified apartment, and returned back to his prior job part-time to supplement Social Security disability. Currently he works as a transportation coordinator for Performance Food Service (third-largest food distributor in the nation).  He is the Executive Director of the nonprofit organization Slice Inc., which he founded in late 2017. During his time off of work, he volunteers for Southwest Center for Independent living as a peer mentor. Andrew wants to dedicate his life to helping others with spinal cord injuries maximize their potential in their new way of life.

Kristi Kliewer


Hi! I'm Kristi Kliewer and I'm a 46 year old woman who just happens to have spent the last 29 years in a power wheelchair due to a car accident. I have never let my chair define me and have overcome many obstacles and accomplished a lot of my goals, in spite of it. I have Bachelors in Psychology from MSU and currently work three jobs. Southwest Center for Independent Living graciously allows me to run a Spinal Cord Injury Peer Mentoring Group once a month and my biggest wish is that I can, not only reach out to newly injured individuals, but also help those of us that have been doing this for a while. I truly love working and staying busy. In my spare time, I love to hang-out with my nieces and am currently becoming a big Netflix watcher at night. I also love driving around, shopping, going to the races (Go #51), hot summer days, and being around good friends.  When I first heard of S.L.I.C.E., I thought, finally, someone's going to do what others have talked about doing for years! I was so excited that there was going to be somewhere for individuals, like me, to get equipment and modifications that insurance wouldn't cover and that they could never afford themselves. So, when Andy asked me to be on the board, I did not hesitate. We then decided to combine my Peer Mentoring Group with his organization and I’m so excited to see how many people we can reach and hopefully make a difference in their lives. Bring on 2018... We’re ready!

Amanda Primm


Amanda Primm is an Access & Technology Specialist at the Southwest Center for Independent Living (SCIL). She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Gerontology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and graduated Cum Laude from Missouri State University. She is a certified ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Coordinator and a member of Psi Chi, the International Psychology Honors Society. In addition to surveying and designing ADA compliant wheelchair ramps for people with disabilities, she also designs adaptive equipment and helps to facilitate a State program in which individuals with mobility, cognitive, hearing and visual impairments can receive adaptive telephone and internet equipment to access telecommunications. Her experience with individuals with spinal cord injuries prompted her involvement with S.L.I.C.E. Inc. Amanda’s primary areas of research include centenarians, social psychology, and new and upcoming technology for individuals with spinal cord injuries. A widowed mother of two adult children, Amanda’s hobbies include traveling the world to view art, creative writing, painting, collecting vinyl records, and writing life reviews for seniors. Amanda enjoys volunteering and spending time with her family and pets.

Derrick Duncan


My name is Derrick Duncan and I’m a 25 year old college student at Missouri State University. I’m currently majoring in outdoor recreation with a minor in disability studies and goals of getting my masters in social work to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I used to travel the country longboarding down mountainous roads until one day, October 25th, 2014, I hydroplaned and took a truck head on, braking my neck at C1-2 and back at T4-6 which is where I sustained my spinal injury and making me a paraplegic. Before my accident I was extremely active with sports, outdoors and a social life which none of that has changed. After my accident it took me about a year to get situated and start taking my life back. In my spare time I do a lot of volunteering at Mercy Rehab mentoring new patients and teaching them new ways to do daily tasks. I’ve taken my chair where wheelchairs have not been before, I’ve competed in the wheelchair version of the crossfit games and placed 5th in the world in my division, I’ve kayaked rivers and lakes, I camp on my own and most proud accomplishment so far is getting myself back to downhill via a custom made luge. I definitely haven’t let my injury slow me down and that’s what I hope SLICE can help others do too! With the help of SLICE, I hope we can touch thousands of lives and get people back to doing what they love and makes them happy!

Craig Trimmel